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When you decide to renovate your home, you might be tempted to head to the design showroom and pick out all of your favorite things. Unfortunately, that shade of green you adore now might not be your favorite six months from now. I have spent a lot of time and money designing my own home, and I know how easy it can be to make a few expensive mistakes. That is one of the reasons I decided to create a website dedicated to helping other people make smarter design decisions. By reading these articles, you might be able to create a beautiful, luxurious space.


3 Tips For Exterior Painting In Cold Weather

Cold weather painting can result in unimpressive results. For instance, the paint may not dry properly, which can lead to cracks in the paint film. Luckily, cold weather painting is still possible if you have the correct supplies and techniques. Follow these tips for a successful cold-weather paint job. Check the Surface Temperature Sometimes the surface temperature can be colder than the ambient air temperature, especially if it's windy. For instance, if the air temperature is 20 degrees, but the surface is 5 degrees, this is equivalent to painting in 5-degree weather, which isn't ideal. Read More 

Step-By-Step Process Of Painting The Exterior Of A House

If you're the new homeowner of a house that has a dark exterior color that you abhor, hire a painting contractor to paint the house a color that you love. If you're considering taking on this project yourself, it's better to hire a professional painting contractor to do it for you instead. Here's the step-by-step process of what will be done by a contractor so you can see how much work is involved. Read More 

Tips For Painting Your Ceilings

Painting your home can be a major project. Even if you already intend to paint the walls of your home, the ceiling typically involves more equipment and focus. Some homeowners are reasonably uncertain if they should take the time and money to paint their ceilings. So, when it comes to ceilings, what is the right thing to do? Should you call an interior painting contractor to take care of those ceilings? Read More 

Warm Blush: The New Popular Pink For Interior Walls And Accents

Often described as the grown-up pink, blush is getting attention in interior home design. When used for painting walls, blush has earthy undertones and a natural warmth that makes it inviting, and its chalky appearance makes it reminiscent of old-world plaster. A refreshing change from beige and gray, warm blush will transform the interior of your home and provide the perfect backdrop for any style of interior decorating. Warm up a cold room Read More 

Things To Consider When Choosing Paint Colors For Your Commercial Space

Most people think that color is just a style preference, but that's not always the case. Colors can affect mood, comfort, energy levels, and productivity. The right colors can keep your employees focused, energized and positively influence their productivity. Conversely, the wrong paint colors can kill their morale and give off a dull aura. There are so many paint colors available in the markets today. As such, choosing the right one can sometimes be a challenge. Read More