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When you decide to renovate your home, you might be tempted to head to the design showroom and pick out all of your favorite things. Unfortunately, that shade of green you adore now might not be your favorite six months from now. I have spent a lot of time and money designing my own home, and I know how easy it can be to make a few expensive mistakes. That is one of the reasons I decided to create a website dedicated to helping other people make smarter design decisions. By reading these articles, you might be able to create a beautiful, luxurious space.


Get Your Home Ready For The Holidays With Trendy Interior Paint Colors

It is not too late to paint your home for the holidays — and using new interior paint colors that are expected to be hot in the coming new year will not disappoint. A new paint color can change the mood in a room to reflect your unique personality. Now is the perfect time to give your home a new and welcoming look for the upcoming months when you will be spending more time indoors and entertaining friends and family for the holidays.

Comforting colors

The colors that are expected to be hot for the upcoming year are all about creating a warm and cozy feeling in the home. Look for colors that are rich yet warm and soothing. Earthy and neutral tones are sure to be found in homes across the country, as well as vintage-inspired hues to add just the right pop of color to your home.

Deep and dark colors

There is nothing to be afraid of when painting a room in a dark color. In fact, the dark colors that are trending for the new year are cozy and comforting. Look for rich shades of eggplant and deep shades of chalky black to give any room a warm and appealing feel. Dramatic and sophisticated, deep hues are a welcome change from lighter neutrals.

Warm up to white

New shades of white are soft and warm, never harsh or cold. Warm whites are a good choice for those who want to create a clean slate look in a room to use as a backdrop for decorating. Warm shades of white match any style of décor and make it easy to change the look in a room for holidays and seasonal decorating, since white matches everything.

Cozy up to bold colors

Great things happen when you cozy up to the latest bold hues. Warm and welcoming shades of raspberry, terracotta, and yellow pack a powerful punch in interior paint but are never cold and overpowering. Bold colors are the perfect choice for creating a fun and homey look in any room of the house.

There is nothing quite like a new interior paint color to transform a room, even if you do not change anything else in the room. A fresh coat of interior paint in one of the new and refreshing color trends is sure to make your home warm and attractive for cozy nights at home or when you welcome guests for holiday entertaining.

For help selecting a new color, contact an interior painting service in your area.