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Tips For Painting Your Ceilings

Painting your home can be a major project. Even if you already intend to paint the walls of your home, the ceiling typically involves more equipment and focus. Some homeowners are reasonably uncertain if they should take the time and money to paint their ceilings.

So, when it comes to ceilings, what is the right thing to do? Should you call an interior painting contractor to take care of those ceilings?

The following are some tips you might keep in mind as you are trying to determine if you will paint your ceilings.

Match Your Ceiling to Your Trim 

If you are really stumped on what to do next, you might find that the best option is to paint your ceiling so that it matches the trim of your home. This is a good way to ensure that your home provides a cohesive appearance and allows the home to look polished.

Draw Attention to Ceiling Features

If you have a lot of features on your ceiling, you may want to keep the ceiling simple to draw attention to those features. For example, keep the ceiling white to bring attention to a skylight or a chandelier. If the ceiling is not very clean, a fresh coat of non-descript paint can be helpful.

Paint Ceilings With Smaller Lighting Fixtures

If your ceilings do not have any mentionable fixtures, you may want to choose a new color to add some liveliness to your ceiling. A pop of color can add personality to the room.

Avoid Shiny Ceiling Paints

You should also make sure that your ceiling is matte rather than shiny. A shiny ceiling can actually be a major distraction in the room, even if you use shiny paint for the walls. Painters can provide alternatives to shiny paints that you might want to consider instead.

Lighter Colors Brighten the Room

If you are trying to paint a room with dark colors or you have a room with few windows, painting the ceiling a lighter color can actually be helpful. This will help prevent the room from getting too dark or becoming too overwhelming.

Painting Your Ceiling Can Be a Worthwhile Endeavor

Whether you want to improve the aesthetics of your home while you are living there or you want to improve the value of your home to sell, painting the ceilings can be a good choice. A painting contractor can help you determine what kind of painting you should do in your home.

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