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Things To Consider When Choosing Paint Colors For Your Commercial Space

Most people think that color is just a style preference, but that's not always the case. Colors can affect mood, comfort, energy levels, and productivity. The right colors can keep your employees focused, energized and positively influence their productivity. Conversely, the wrong paint colors can kill their morale and give off a dull aura.

There are so many paint colors available in the markets today. As such, choosing the right one can sometimes be a challenge. Below are a few factors that can help you zero in on the right paint color.

The Amount of Natural Light in Your Space

Natural lighting is an essential factor that should guide your choice of paint color. If your space receives little to no natural light, a lighter tone might be your best bet. A low-light space can also benefit from saturated colors such as orange, red, and mustard yellow. These colors can make the room more lively, vibrant, and inviting. 

On the other hand, a room with plenty of natural light might call for medium-depth paint colors like gray. Darker tones can also work well since they balance the warm rays nicely. These colors create a well-balanced visual appearance in your space.

Color Impact 

The philosophy of feng shui can help you determine what paint color suits your space. Feng shui states that colors can have psychological effects on your employees and visitors. For instance, blue is linked with peace, while orange is considered a social color (vibrant and happy). 

Knowing the psychological effects a specific color will have on your workers and visitors can help you make the right decision. You can pick a shade of either of the above colors if you want to give off a positive aura in your workspace.

The Size of Your Building

While many business owners might not always know this, the size of a building can significantly affect the paint colors you choose. A larger building might call for neutral colors such as gray and shades of white. Such neutral colors tend to complement exterior signages and business logos well. 

If you're dealing with a smaller space, you can open it up with lighter colors. For instance, icing pink may look good on a small cupcake storefront. In addition to being attractive to potential clients, it also makes your store stand out, making it easier for people to spot it.

Your Building's Architectural Style

The architectural style and the material used in your building should help you choose the right paint color. Building materials determine what colors will naturally look better. For example, latex paint generally looks better on a wood or fiber-cement siding. On the other hand, acrylic-latex paint looks excellent on stucco or brick materials. 

Different building materials also absorb colors differently. For example, wood is porous and tends to hold colors longer. New paint color shows differently on metal, cement, or wood. Therefore, make sure to consult with your painting contractor on which color to use. 

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