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Commercial Sandblasting: 4 Areas Where The Technique Applies

Commercial sandblasting is a technique used for cleaning and preparing surfaces. Auto mechanics, artisans, and machinists use sand to smoothen or scrape the area when blasting surfaces. Although sandblasting mainly involves sand as the main material, other alternatives include bicarbonate soda, coconut shells, silica sand, and steel grit. Due to their roughness, it is always best to have protective clothing on during operation. Below are four sandblasting applications.

When Getting Rid Of Paint or Rust

Conventional cleaning methods don't always cut it when it comes to stripping paint or rust from commercial properties, equipment, or a vehicle. Instead, you need something more effective, and this is where commercial sandblasting comes in. The abrasive materials will get rid of the stubborn marks without tampering with the surface.

When Smoothening or Polishing Surfaces

The main use of sandblasting is to clean surfaces. However, there is an additional advantage of leaving surfaces smooth and shiny. If you are experiencing difficulties assembling or working with mechanical parts that are full of burr, you can polish and smoothen them using this technique. Sandblasting ensures the mechanical parts are free from all burr, tags, and other debris, causing the material to be ineffective. Additionally, you can smooth all the edges for seamless assembling.

When Making Unique Art

If you are an artist, you can apply this technique when carving out unique shapes. Whether you work with wood, glass, metal, or any other material, you can use the sandblasting technique, and more so for its unique ability to curve out delicate shapes without changing the surface of the material you are working with. Not only can you use commercial sandblasting to design unique pieces, but you can also use it to enhance a dull-looking surface.

Eliminate Mold from a Building

Mold is dangerous to your health and particularly to those with respiratory health issues such as asthma and allergies. If you detect a mold problem in your commercial building, sandblasting offers an aggressive and effective cleaning method, particularly because it does not cause much damage to the surface. The two most used materials used for this application are dry ice and baking soda which are softer than other blasting media methods. An added advantage of these materials is they are effective in cleaning hard-to-reach areas such as attics. 

Sandblasting is indeed an effective method of preparing and cleaning surfaces. However, for satisfactory results, it must always be done by an experienced person. To learn more, contact a sandblasting service.