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3 Ways To Ensure Success With Your Commercial Painting Project

If you are having your business painted, you want to make sure that you get the best results possible. You want your investment to look great when it is completed.

#1 Clear the Work Area

The first thing you need to do is clear the work area. Do not try to paint around your inventory, merchandise, and equipment. Instead, take the time to remove all business-related items from the area that will be painted, and find a safe place for them. You don't want to damage valuable business inventory and equipment just to paint a part of your business.

Providing a clean work area for the painters to work will also reduce the risk of injury. You don't want someone tripping over excess inventory and getting hurt while painting. A clear work area is a safe work area.

#2 Prepare the Work Area

Next, you need to prepare the work area. If there are holes in the walls, you are going to want to fill in the holes using caulking. All of this prep work needs to take place a few days before you plan on painting. It takes time for caulking that you use to fill holes and depressions in your wall to dry. Then, you are going to need to sand down rough and thick areas. You want an even work surface for your new paint.

Additionally, you want to paint on clean walls. If the walls are dusty, you can use a duster or an attachment on the vacuum to clean them off. You can also use a sponge and some soapy water to clean the walls; just be sure to budget time for the walls to dry. Clean well around the baseboard and where the ceiling meets with the wall; these are two areas where dirt tends to build up.

#3 Always Use Primer

Finally, when painting a professional area, always use primer. Primer helps prepare the wall and ensures that the paint goes on as smoothly as possible. You want the paint to go on as smooth as possible and look professional. Putting primer on your walls before you paint them will help ensure that you end up with a smooth and professional paint job.

When you have your commercial building painted by a company like Trend, you want to make sure that they do a great job. You can help with the process by clearing and prepare the work area ahead of time, and by making it know that you want to use both primer and paint on the area that is to be painted.