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How To Paint With A Pneumatic Spray Gun

Painting the outside of your home is a fun and affordable way to change your home's look. If you want to make your property stand out from your neighbors, a simple paint job might be the perfect solution. It is a relatively cost-effective exterior remodel. Of course, you can make the project even more cost effective by doing the work on your own. If you do want to paint your exterior, you should consider investing in a pneumatic paint gun. Whether you buy or rent a paint spraying system, you will be able to make your paint job faster and more professional looking. Here are the best techniques for operating a spray gun.

Helpful Painting Tips

Actually applying the paint with a spray gun goes by very quickly because the paint comes out with great force. This means that the paint particles are blown out of the nozzle by compressed air. This enables the particles to get deeper in the nook and crannies of rough exterior surface like stuck and raw wood.

Because the paint comes out so quickly, it is first important to always have the gun moving while the trigger is being pressed. That is, don't hold the gun in one spot as you spray. If you constantly keep it moving, your won't create large drips of pools of paint. The best technique is paint from side to side. Wave your hand from side to side as you paint, but don't just pull down the trigger and wave your hand back and forth. If you do this, the sides where you stopped moving your hand and changed direction will be darker than the center of the painted area. You will get more consistent coverage if you release the trigger after going from one side to the other. Then, don't repress the trigger until you have started to move you hand back in the other direction.

It is also important that you keep your hand an equal distant from the wall as you spray. This can prove to be difficult if you keep your feet planted in the same place. Be prepared to walk or shuffle from side to side as you paint.

Painting with a spray gun is definitely quicker than using paint rollers. Every system is a little different, but they are all very easy to learn. Take your time and practice before you start painting your exterior.