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4 Telltale Signs Your Home Needs an Exterior Paint Job

When's the last time your commercial building's exterior was painted? If you're not sure, then it might be time to consider whether or not the building is overdue for a paint job. Not only can fresh paint improve the aesthetic appeal of your business, it can also protect it from rot, mold, and other problems. Aside from the obvious signs like cracking and peeling paint, there are some other less obvious signs that indicate it might be time to contact a commercial painting contractor for a quote.

A Chalky Residue

One of the less obvious signs of a paint job that's nearing its final days is the existence of a chalky residue along the exterior surface of the building. This chalky substance is what begins to appear when paint breaks down over time. A good way to test for this is to grab a dark-colored cloth and rub it across the surface of the building. If a chalky substance is left on the cloth, it might be time for a new paint job.

Wood Rot (In Wood Siding)

For buildings made with exterior wood siding or even wooden logs, wood rot is often a sign of a failed paint or stain job. A good way to check for wood rot is to take a screw driver and knock it up against a wood panel on the building. If you hear a hollow sound or if any of the wood begins to break away, this is a sure sign that the wood is beginning to rot. You may want not want to replace the affected wood now, but a fresh coat of paint can protect the building from future damage in the meantime.

Separating Caulk

Have you begun to notice gaps between the caulk around your building's windows/doors and the exterior siding around it? If so, then this can also be a sign that the paint is failing and the siding underneath is beginning to be structurally compromised. You will want to speak with a contractor about re-painting and re-caulking the affected areas to protect your building from insect infestations, water damage, and  a loss in energy efficiency.

Mold/Mildew Growth

Lastly, if you're beginning to notice darker spots along the exterior of your building, this could very well be mold or mildew growth due to moisture allowed in by a deteriorating paint job. To protect the building from further water damage and dangerous mold, you'll need to have the mold removed and the building repainted.

Contact a commercial painting contractor in your area for a painting appointment or a building inspection.