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How To Prep And Paint Your Exterior With A Spray Gun

There are many easy home remodels that will increase the value of your property and make it more stylish and functional at the same time. Repainting exterior walls is a smart home remodel that instantly increases the curb appeal of your property, making it more valuable and attractive. Regardless of if you are selling your home or staying put for many years, it is a great upgrade to invest in. This article explains how to mask off like a pro when painting with a spray gun.

Paint the Exterior with a Spray Gun

Painting the exterior is much more time-consuming than painting interior drywall. Many homeowners think that it will be just as easy as painting their drywall. However, most exterior walls have rougher surfaces that are harder to paint. Stucco, brick and wood sidewalls will absorb more paint. Furthermore, it is more difficult to get the paint into the textured crevices of many exterior materials. This makes the project altogether more demanding.

This is why most professional painters use a spray gun when painting exteriors. You can get better coverage with less hassle. Renting and learning how to use a spray gun is fairly simple.

Preparing to Use a Spray Gun

While spraying the paint on the wall is easy, using a spray gun requires you to do much more preparation work. If you comprehensively prepare and mask off the exterior, your paint job will look professional. First, you need to cover all window and door fixtures with thin sheets of painter's plastic. The plastic is also good for covering the plants and trees that are next to the wall.

You will also need to worry about overspray settling on your floor, but you do not want to put plastic on the floor because it can be slippery. Instead, you should cover the floor with thick painter's paper. Painter's paper comes in large rolls so it is easy to spread it over walkways. Leave it on your pathways for the entire paint job, so you do not spread paint all over. Be very thorough when taping and masking off your exterior. You will likely be surprised how far the overspray can travel, especially on a windy day. It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to masking off.

In reality, the masking off will take probably longer than actually painting. Properly masking off and securely taping all of the edges is the only way to make the job look professional. For assistance or more information, contact a company like Yu1 Painting Company.